The lowdown on listed building renovations

At Graline Construction, we have a team of gifted and knowledgeable builders capable of undertaking complex renovation work on listed buildings in Solihull and beyond. Anyone fortunate enough to own a listed property will understand first-hand the challenges a builder can encounter renovating their property, as virtually any building feature could have protection against renovation. Furthermore, any building that has stood for thirty years or more can potentially be listed, so how do you proceed with renovations of graded buildings in Solihull?

How are listings allocated to buildings?

Typically, for a building to be given listed status, it must bear some architectural or historical significance in the area in which it stands. Anyone can put forward nominations for buildings to be listed, be it the local clergyman or builder. Still, ultimately the decision lies with the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to assign or remove the protected status from buildings. If you are seeking to make any changes to a listed property, you must make an application to the local authority in Solihull. As professional builders, we can assist and guide you through the process to ensure a smooth outcome.

How does the process work?

Once an application has been submitted to the local authority, a consultation with the conservation officer will assess which parts of the property are protected. Our experienced builders can liaise with the conservation officer to find suitable solutions for any renovations that ensure the unique character of the building remains. Renovating a listed property requires a builder with a keen eye and attention to detail and experience in renovation applications. Contact our helpful team today for more information.

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