How a vanity cabinet can improve your Solihull bathroom

Each year seems to generate a new raft of surveys where Brits confirm that their homes, especially bathrooms, are full of clutter. If your bathroom space is full of toiletries loosely scattered, then a bathroom vanity can add a degree of function and a massive slice of elegance to your bathroom in Solihull. Here are three great benefits of a bathroom vanity.

Ideal storage solutions

As mentioned above, we Brits love to clutter our homes, and a bathroom vanity is there to serve as a neat storage solution. They can hide toiletries and towels from plain view and incorporate mirrors into the design to increase your bathroom’s practicality. You can choose a bathroom vanity that features drawers, cabinets or both to improve the storage capacity of your bathroom however you see fit.

The bathroom vanity is adaptable

There isn’t one single type of vanity unit. They are available in various sizes, materials and finishes that can vastly alter the look of a bathroom. Often, a vanity unit is available as a dual floor-standing and wall-hung unit. The styles can vary from industrial chic metal vanities to the more traditional wood effect units with marble basins. You can be as bold with the colours as your dare when finding the perfect vanity unit for your home.

A bathroom vanity unit creates balance

We don’t mean from a Feng shui perspective, but a vanity unit in a bathroom does create a focal point and a sense of balance and calm to a bathroom. Part of this is due to its ability to create order through storage and the elegance of the furniture. Contact our team today if you want advice on including a vanity unit in your Solihull bathroom.

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