Do builders still work in the winter?

Well, the simple answer is of course they do. Builders in Solihull work all year round but will vary the schedule or work to try and fit in with the better periods of weather.

Tidy and conscientious builders

Naturally, people can have some trepidation about having construction work done in the winter. The prospect of muddy boot marks and damp on the carpets isn’t too appealing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With neat and tidy builders, construction and renovations carried out in the short, dark days of winter can be every bit as successful as those in the Solihull spring and summer seasons.

An internal focus

The harsh frosts of winter can cause bricks and mortar joints to crack, so although projects like extensions are possible in colder weather, they are more prone to delays and obstacles. Partly due to this, people tend to look for improvements they can make in their homes with the help of a builder, such as kitchen installations and new bathroom suites.

A kitchen upgrade in the autumn is perfect timing for families to get together at Christmas. We provide bespoke kitchens to suit the style and size of your house and the needs of your family. Similarly with bathroom suites, hiring a builder to install a luxurious new suite is the perfect way to decompress and relax from the biting chill of winter.

So whether you want a new kitchen, a wall knocking through or a large-scale extension, don’t be perturbed by the bleakness of a Solihull winter and contact us today for a free quote.

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