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About This Job

The farm house in Beoley is a beautiful country home that dates back to the 1600s. Since 2010 we have done many jobs for the owners of the farmhouse, including the restoration, renovation and maintenance of the property, which understandably is imperative on a building of this age.

  • Kitchen renovation
  • Diversion of culvert around property
  • Converted the barn to a workshop

Project Management; ground works and overall finishes for Studio / Garage and Garden Room

Oak frame buildings are increasingly growing in popularity, with designs being specially made for each individual. This means that more customers can have their very own unique oak frame building.

Whilst at the farm house, Graline worked alongside a specialised oak frame team. They were responsible for the design and construction of the frame itself and Graline took responsibility for the foundations, brickwork, services and overall finishes.

Electrical supply to separate Barn House

To enhance the overall use of the barn house it was decided that it should have its own power supply. This was done with the use of a pneumatic mole that was able to get a 6mm steel armoured cable across 15meters of ground, at a depth of 900mm. The pneumatic mole not only saved a huge amount of time, but also ensured that damage and disturbance to the existing landscaped garden was kept to a minimum.

Side section of house

On the rear section of the property the previous occupants had extended out into the garden to allow an extra bedroom and dining room to be added, however the extended section of the house did not quite matchup with the look of the existing building.

The solution to this was to remove the outer skin on the building and then to replace it with an oak frame and brick infill, this not only made the extension more attractive but also ensured it blended into the existing property.

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